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Common Name: Green Sea Turtle
Scientific Name: Chelonia mydas
Genus: Chelonia is derived from the Greek word chelone  which means "a tortoise".
 Species: mydas is derived from the Greek word mydos  which means "wetness".
Average Length: 36 - 48 in. (90 - 122 cm), weight 250 - 450 lbs. (113 - 204 kg)
Virginia Record Length: 
Record length: 60.2 in. (153 cm), weight 650+ lbs. (295+ kg)


Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Service: Species Booklet


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Around 1890 in Key West, Florida a factory for canning green sea turtle soup was established. Its output was limited to about two hundred quart cans per day due to the difficulty in capturing and processing the turtles.