Common Name: Eastern Kingsnake
Scientific Name: Lampropeltis getula
Genus: Lampropeltis is derived from the Greek words lampros which means "radiant" and pelta meaning "small shields".
 Species: getula is derived from the Latin word Getulus which refers to the Getulians people of Morocco in western Africa. The chain-like pattern found on this snake was prevalent in Getulian culture.
Vernacular Names: Bastard horn snake, black king snake, common chain snake, common king snake, cow sucker, horse racer, master snake, oakleaf rattler, thunder-and-lightning snake, thunderbolt, thunder snake, wamper, wampum snake.
Average Length: 36 - 48 in. (90 - 122 cm)
Virginia Record Length:  63.8 in. (162.1 cm)
Record length: 82 in. (208.3 cm)


Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Service: Species Booklet


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