Common Name: Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
Scientific Name: Heterodon platirhinos
Genus: Heterodon is derived from the Greek words heteros meaning "different" and odon meaning "tooth".
 Species: platirhinos is derived from the Greek words platys meaning "broad or flat" and rhinos meaning "snout".
Vernacular Names: Adder, bastard rattlesnake, black adder, black blowing viper, black hog-nosed snake, black viper snake, blauser, blower, blowing adder, blowing snake, blowing viper, buckwheat-nose snake, calico snake, checkered adder, chuck head, common spreading adder, deaf adder, flat-head, flat-headed adder, hissing snake, hissing viper, mountain moccasin, poison viper, puff adder, red snake, rock adder, sand adder, sand viper, spotted viper, spread-head moccasin, spread-head snake, spread-head viper.
Average Length: 20 - 33 in. (51 - 84 cm)
Virginia Record Length:  44.5 in. (113 cm)
Record length: 45.5 in. (115.6 cm)


Virginia Wildlife Action Plan Rating Tier IV - Moderate Conservation Need - The species may be rare in parts of its range, particularly on the periphery. Populations of these species have demonstrated a significant declining trend or one is suspected which, if continued, is likely to qualify this species for a higher tier in the foreseeable future. Long-term planning is necessary to stabilize or increase populations.


Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Service: Species Booklet


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Short movie of an eastern hognose snake displaying  defensive behavior Melanistic Eastern Hog-nosed Snake displaying defensive behavior
Campbell Co. Melanistic Adult Campbell Co.      
        Eastern hog-nosed
snake eating a toad
Campbell Co.
Campbell Co. Fluvanna Co.
Melanistic Eastern Hog-nosed Snake Displaying Defensive Behavior