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Key identification features of frogs

Key identification features of toads

The paratoid glands are very distinct. Skin has rough texture and often appears warty - Anaxyrus (Bufo)

Tympanum absent. Prominent fold across the head just behind the eyes; Very stocky appearance with small head; all toes essentially equal in diameter; pupil of eye horizontal - Gastrophryne

The paratoid glands absent or barely noticeable; skin glandular to smooth - Lithobates (Rana)

Tympanum present. ....Treefrogs - Acris, Pseudacris and Hyla

Hind Feet Drawings:




Northern Cricket Frog

Southern Cricket Frog

Chorus Frogs

True Treefrogs

Diameter of terminal discs equal to the diameter of the toes

Diameter of terminal discs slightly larger than the diameter of the toes

Diameter of terminal discs much larger than the diameter of the toes

Light dorsal lines originating at each eye and running down the back to form the shape of a lyre; pupil of eye vertical; Spade-like tubercle on hind foot. pectoral glands present on chest - Scaphiopus

Pupils is vertical or "cat-like". All other frogs and toads found in Virginia have horizontal pupils.
Single black spade on each hind foot.   

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